Bayern Labo

Bonds and Schuldschein loans guaranteed by the state

As a bank that subsidises housing and urban development, BayernLabo belongs to the exclusive circle of issuers of state-guaranteed bonds on the capital markets. The Free State of Bavaria acts as the guarantor to BayernLabo’s issuances.

Which is why BayernLabo is rated Aaa by Moody's. What’s more, with the zero-risk weighing under the Solvency Regulation in effect, credit institutions investing in BayernLabo’s debt instruments do not need any capital backing nor are they eligible for the large exposures regime. Which in turn means that BayernLabo is able to draw on a broad investor base. 

To raise funds on the capital markets, BayernLabo issues:

  • large-volume and correspondingly liquid benchmark bonds
  • Schuldschein loans
  • registered bonds
  • bearer bonds
  • structured products

Since the euro is the only currency used on the lending side, the refinancing is executed exclusively in EUR.

Credit status and rating

Legal form and liability

BayernLabo’s business model

Sustainability and responsibility

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Positionen und Strategien, Berichte, Nachhaltigkeitsstandards und Governance bei der BayernLabo.

Here you will find all information relating to sustainability published by the BayernLB Group.

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