Safely investing Safe, large-volume and correspondingly liquid benchmark bonds with guarantee from the Free State of Bavaria

Investor Relations

Loans and Debentures with a State Guarantee

As a bank engaged in promoting housing and urban development, BayernLabo is, on the capital markets, a member of the exclusive circle of issuers of bonds underwritten by the government. In the case of BayernLabo, this explicit guarantee is from the Free State of Bavaria.

The Aaa Rating from Moody’s is derived from this explicit guarantee. In addition, the zero-risk weighing under the Solvency Regulation is in effect, whereby credit institutions with investments in debt securities of BayernLabo do not have to back these with own capital funds or take into account large exposure limits. Based on this, BayernLabo is able to draw on a wide base of investors.

To raise funds on the capital markets, BayernLabo issues:

  • Large-volume and correspondingly liquid benchmark bonds
  • Promissory note loans
  • Registered bonds
  • Bearer bonds
  • Structured products

Because on the credit side, exclusively the Euro is used as the currency, on the refinancing side, projects are executed in the same currency.


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